Ontario Monument Builders Association was created in September 1982 as a not for profit association of professional monument builders to promote the monument industry, create and maintain a high standard of business ethics for its members to follow, thus protecting the consumer.


Ontario Monument Builders Association and Canadian Monument Builders

An association of monument builders established to promote and advance the monument profession and to create and maintain a high standard of business ethics for its members to follow.


  • Through its experienced professional members in the memorial industry, we strive to give assistance and supply the consumer with the finest quality of granite, artistic design and craftsmanship.
  • To serve as interpreter of the monument industry across Canada to the consumer and to develop favourable relations with all levels of government and all other organizations of similar nature to the memorial industry.
  • An organization dedicated to ongoing improvement opportunities for its members as well as keeping its members up to date on the latest craft innovations, business models, administrative advantages and marketing opportunities through conventions, seminars, newsletters and web sites.


Members of Ontario Monument Builders Association and the Canadian Monument Builders subscribe to this code of ethics which encourages them:

  • To be truthful in all advertising, brochure and direct mail so purchases may be made in confidence by the consumer knowing all claims are accurate.
  • To concentrate on the concerns and protection of the consumer and truly demonstrate the value and quality of our product.
  • To continually strive to build the very best monuments.
  • To have written contracts that clearly outline the product or service rendered and define all terms and conditions.
  • To offer prices commensurate with the product or service rendered and based upon the costs of manufacturing and providing that service at a reasonable profit.
  • To comply with all existing laws, regulations and legislation.
  • To observe the spirit and letter of this code of ethics and persuade others to do so by their example.

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