Contact an OMBA Member

Contact an OMBA Member

What to look for in a Monument Retailer/Builder

  • Contact OMBA MemberA stable and honest business reputation, with a full-time commitment to designing, producing, and selling monuments. You want a firm that was in business yesterday and will be in business tomorrow.
  • An attractive indoor and/or outdoor display where you may view a selection of monuments in different sizes, colours, materials, and styles. This allows you to see the wide range of choices available before deciding on your monument.
  • The ability to counsel... to help you create a monument that is artistically designed and personalized.
  • Knowledge of your cemetery's rules and regulations governing types and sizes of monuments. You need to know right away if the cemetery has restrictions that will limit your freedom of choice of a monument.
  • A payment policy that is fair and reasonable. Because most monuments are custom made to your specific name, most monument retailers request a down payment (usually half the price to be paid) with the balance due when the monument is placed in the cemetery.

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