Purchasing A Cemetery Memorial

A Guide To Purchasing A Cemetery Memorial

What is a Monument?

A Guide To Purchasing A Cemetery MemorialA monument is far more than a means of marking the resting place of an individual or a family.

It is a symbol of devotion, a tangible expression of the noblest of all human emotions: LOVE.

It should not reflect sorrow but rather the long years of warmth & affection typical of family and friends.

A monument is built because there was life, not a death, & with intelligent selection & proper guidance, should inspire Reverence, Faith, & Hope for the living. As an essential part of our way of life, a monument should speak out as a voice from yesterday and today for not just the present, but also the future.

The word monument stems from the Latin word "monere", which means "to remind".

No matter whether a loved one has a traditional burial or a cremation burial, a memorial is more than a means of designating the grave site; it is an expression of loving remembrance and a historical statement of a life that was known and loved. The monument is a lasting way to say "I care!"

Consulting a Monument Builder

  • Purchasing a memorial is a major investment of time and money and should be undertaken with great thought and care. The Ontario Monument Builders Association recommends careful and relaxed planning when purchasing a memorial.
  • Whether you are making pre-arranged or immediate arrangements for a funeral, or purchasing cemetery property, you should know that you and your family are not obligated to purchase a monument from a funeral home or a cemetery. In fact, a good argument can be made to delay the purchase of a memorial, the one visual lasting tribute, until other matters are complete.
  • Your local monument builder or retailer is a reliable source of information regarding the various regulations of the cemeteries in your area. Since cemeteries have regulations that regulate the size and type of memorial in certain areas of the cemetery, it is wise to consult with a monument builder before you purchase your cemetery property.
  • Visit a permanent showroom to see the different styles of monuments or markers. If you are unable to visit a showroom, discuss your needs with the monument builder. Most offer some type of home service.
  • Monument Builders will help you to design a memorial and then complete all that is required to produce the memorial from inscription to installation. Other products such as bronze remembrance lamps, bronze vases, floral attachments, religious items and even reproduction photos are available to incorporate into your tribute.
  • Your wishes and a monument builder's suggestions will combine to help you decide on the appropriate text, floral, epitaphs and meaningful symbols for your memorial. Most monument builders will prepare drawings and rubbings, or have you review a completed stencil to help you visualize the finished memorial as well as to check for any possible errors before the final work is completed on the stone.

Reasons to Purchase a Monument Before Need

A Guide To Purchasing A Cemetery MemorialIncreasingly, people are choosing to purchase their own monument before the need comes. By planning ahead, you can select the style, size and colour you prefer.

A personalized design, which you can help to create, can reflect your beliefs, values, or what ever is meaningful to you. What do you want to tell future generations about yourself and your family? This is your opportunity to make your personal statement for history.

You can save money. Purchasing a monument before the need arises means that you are utilizing today's dollars. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come.

It is less traumatic and emotional to purchase a memorial in advance. You have the opportunity to discuss the purchase with all the family members. Most major purchases are completed with the interests of all members of the family. This is one of those major purchases.

The best consumer is an educated one...whether your purchase is a house, a car, or monument. Your local monument builder will work with you to create the monument that reflects your wishes and is right for you. And who knows better what is right for you than yourself?

Always remember....you have the right to choose.

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